Attimo Winery- Christiansburg , VA


The woods are lovely, dark and deep,
But I have promises to keep,
And miles to go before I sleep,
And miles to go before I sleep…..
A big believer in this philosophy, Attimo winery surely made me stop on the way to New Orleans from Maryland in summer of 2014.
Standard wine tasting  is $5 for 8 wines  and you get to keep the glass for $3!
Reserve Wines up to 4 ($1/wine)
Carries a variety of wines you can select from , beautiful location ,  patio seating with music complementing the setting. Few mins off the highway, definitely calls for a visit. Few wines that I tried..
From the standard list
Yesterday’s Song– Dry white , crisp, lightly oaked, pear notes.. hmmmm…..
Bull Frog Symphony – Dry red blend, peppery , eclectic – Really good!!
Deep Silence– Dry red , intense berry flavors and light smoky pepper finish- I would say Dry and fruity…
Two  wines that I tried from the reserve wines list
Blaze – Dry, noble white (orange) wine. Fiery & tannic
Not a white wine person, hesitant but tried on recommendation of the owner and must say  it did  make up for the hot summer afternoon…
Seduction – Sweet , fortified red, ruby port style wine. Distinct raisin flavors with hints of cooked fruit.. What a better way to end the wine tasting than this…..

Met Heisenberg and could not help, but blog about him!!!


Meet Me– my masters Heisenberg ….I turned two yesterday, and it was my first time at Panera breads!Look at me I am a big Dog now ; been to the park and gazed out of the window.. ate my food and enjoyed my afternoon siesta, Go for midnight walks with my master, and friends with the goldfish.. Look at me I am a big dog now!

In mood for a VERY SPICY Pizza?

fire+ smoke pizza

Been a Pizza lover all my life  starting with my mom’s home made pizza at 5 and  experimenting with different crust, cheese, toppings and different baking styles.

If you are in a mood for spicy pizza would definitely recommend fire+smoke pizza (fire-roasted red peppers, spanish onions,chipotle pepper,tomato sauce,garlic puree, smoked gouda, fresh basil) at – american pizza bistro.

LinkedIn Account

In my quest of job search, I have visited and created profiles on many job search sites. When introduced to Linked In as one of the most popular professional network building site , I was not not entirely sure how is it advantageous over other available job search sites. Like other sites,it allows recruiters to connect with you ; giving access to your resume. I decided to create a profile on linked In and one of the very useful features  that I found was if you have been working for years, LinkedIn helps you summarize your entire work career in just a sheet or put in other words in someways acts as a resume building tool. You can join groups and  connect with previous employers/co workers.  Google search analogues to internet search that I have been habituated to do before making a decision I found few interesting reads.