For the love of colors- square pouf , courtesy Crate & Barrel

outdoor-square-sulfur-pouf- courtsey crate & barrel


LinkedIn Account

I have been practically out of job since August 2014. This is the first time since I graduated with my bachelors in 2001 that I am out of work. In my quest of job search
I have visited and created profiles on many job search sites. When introduced to Linked In as one of the most popular professional network building site , I was not not entirely sure how is it advantageous over other available job search sites. Like other sites,it allows recruiters to connect with you ; giving access to your resume. I decided to create a profile on linked In and one of the very useful features  that I found was if you have been working for years, LinkedIn helps you summarize your entire work career in just a sheet or put in other words in someways acts as a resume building tool. You can join groups and  connect with previous employers/co workers.  Google search analogues to internet search that I have been habituated to do before making a decision I found few interesting reads.

Angeline Pinot Noir- for Indian food

wineI have usually not enjoyed wine with Indian food. Last week I had Angeline Pinot Noir-2013 and would definitely recommend trying it with Indian food. As the wine tasting notes described “mouthwatering, candied watermelon, tart pomegranates and fresh strawberries, with just a hint off spicy cherry cola.”  After you have a sip the last taste that lingers for a little longer is the spicy one which blends in well with Indian food!


Volunteering @ Karma Kitchen


In summer of 2014 I volunteered at Karma Kitchen.  I was looking for volunteering opportunities in D.C. area and stumbled upon a facebook post about Karma Kitchen. ( .

Upon reading more I realized that it was started with the intention of practicing unconditional generosity . Karma kitchen is one of the generosity projects undertaken by ServiceSpace and is about transition to trust. It was started in Berkley in 2007. In Karma Kitchen there are  NO price listed on the menu card. Your meal is a “GIFT ” by someone , an act of kindness. You can be a part of the chain and gift a meal to someone else if you like.

I was surprised to see that though it is a volunteer run organization dependent on  generosity of people, contrary to a restaurant business model, it was a great success! Volunteering at karma kitchen D.C. presented me with an opportunity to be part of something so unique and learn nuances of happenings in a restaurant kitchen before the meal is served to the guest and after the guest leaves!