Everything is online!

Few years ago, I remember telling a friend that should you need anything, I am just a phone call away –  connectivity seemed to exist or at least hypothetically!! I recently moved to India, and in my hometown where  once “in-person” was  an IN thing I got introduced by my cousin to the website “Just Dial” http://www.justdial.com/ Whatever you need is available starting from food, car rentals , daily grocery, housing, travel &ticketing, education information, other services. You name it and you got it!

Damn ! the technological advancement “a friend” got replaced by “Just Dial” 🙂

Gujarati Thali

gujarati thali

I have lived in the D.C. Metro area for about 10 years. There are many indian restaurants in the area that cater decent food. All these years I have searched ardently for  a Gujarati Thali  in the area without success until very recently. Opened in September 2015, located in Ashburn, Virginia about 30 miles from Rockville ( 495/VA267)or Washington D.C( George Washington Memorial Parkway/VA267). – Rupa Vira’s Signature restaurant serves gujarati thali on weekends.

Gujarati thali is little different than regular thalis that you would find in any Indian restaurant- it brings staple food from my home state – usually has two curries, lentils, sweet, farsan ( snack – which is usually steamed or fried), indian pickle, papad, buttermilk drink (Chas).

Menu for Signature’s gujarati thali included

Tindola nu shaak (ivy gourd curry)

Undhiyu ( medley of vegetable- typical in the winter season in India)

Vaal ( Lentil)

Kadhi( made of yogurt and chickpea flour)

Rice , Puri, Papad,Chaas

Sweets- Rasmalai, Ghughra (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gujia)

Farsan – khaman(made from chickpea flour), patra (battered and steamed colocasia leaves), lilva kachori (coconut and pigeon peas)

Indian salad (kachumber) and indian pickle

I would definitely recommend going to Rupa Vira’s Signature restaurant- absolutely worth the drive!



Often times, my boss has asked me what do I do for 8 hours in office, I look at him puzzled ….. I will need to report to him at some time , so I decide to write a poetry for him..

Its called for the “LOVE of Electronics”.. (ref: project i was working on at that time)

Why are you staring at me? I am just a BLACK BOX

Stop!! Don’t sway from side to side ..I got no label ..I am just a black box

They say I control things, I give current and I get HOT!

Ouch.. they drilled a hole in me, it hurts…

Oh wait, I got a companion , a white cable; she is sweet 🙂

Its dark in here..i got this blinking light on me but its no good!

Sigh.. I am just a BLACK BOX

I am sitting in dark , collecting dust , all alone..

Sigh ..I am just a BLACK BOX

Someones here…….

They are arguing… I can’t hear right…

hmmm… they got a label to put on me….

Sigh… I WAS once just a BLACK BOX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Introduction to the world of Peppers!

Les piments :Peppers

Coming from India, I knew only 2-3 types of peppers that are commonly used in Indian cooking. I was introduced to different variety of peppers by a co-worker which changed the long held definition of pepper for me – SPICY or HOT. Peppers, a vital ingredient of cooking has caught my attention enough to turn it into a  research project ….Hopefully blogs will be more peppery!!!!

Attimo Winery- Christiansburg , VA


The woods are lovely, dark and deep,
But I have promises to keep,
And miles to go before I sleep,
And miles to go before I sleep…..
A big believer in this philosophy, Attimo winery surely made me stop on the way to New Orleans from Maryland in summer of 2014.
Standard wine tasting  is $5 for 8 wines  and you get to keep the glass for $3!
Reserve Wines up to 4 ($1/wine)
Carries a variety of wines you can select from , beautiful location ,  patio seating with music complementing the setting. Few mins off the highway, definitely calls for a visit. Few wines that I tried..
From the standard list
Yesterday’s Song– Dry white , crisp, lightly oaked, pear notes.. hmmmm…..
Bull Frog Symphony – Dry red blend, peppery , eclectic – Really good!!
Deep Silence– Dry red , intense berry flavors and light smoky pepper finish- I would say Dry and fruity…
Two  wines that I tried from the reserve wines list
Blaze – Dry, noble white (orange) wine. Fiery & tannic
Not a white wine person, hesitant but tried on recommendation of the owner and must say  it did  make up for the hot summer afternoon…
Seduction – Sweet , fortified red, ruby port style wine. Distinct raisin flavors with hints of cooked fruit.. What a better way to end the wine tasting than this…..