Waiting Room! 

Having inherited the travel gene from my parents,as a kid never really got into traveling.  More than the travel uncertainty associated with it, being away from a familiar environment unnerved me.  Both my parents were avid travelers, they had been to a lot of places in the United States and traveled almost the whole of India together sparing kashmir.
I was a patient student,  with my mom keen on making sure that I enjoy traveling as much as they did.  Her teaching meant traveling in local trains from Surat to Ahmedabad – visiting her parents, where the train would stop at every single station making the journey 8-10 hours for about 300kms. It meant going to railway station long before the departure time and spending time in waiting rooms, getting a first class ticket and enjoying the upgraded waiting room with nicer washrooms and bit of service. It meant traveling in horse carriage instead of auto rickshaw from railway station.  Sometimes the travel got both lavish and scary where we both took  taxi trips despite my dad’s disapproval.  Her travel rituals used to be very elaborate.

Then, I did not realize that there is as much fun in the journey as in reaching the destination. It took me years and years of both short and long trips,  longer travel times,  long wait times before I started to even enjoy travel.  Off late, work demands quite a bit of travel and definitely not to vacation destinations or nicer places. Airports have become  waiting rooms for me. While I write about my travel experiences people who have made an extra effort to make the railway stations,  airports not only travel friendly but memorable experience deserve special recognition

It would not be wrong to say,  I wait for the waiting rooms more than ever…

Journey began last year with cappuccino and coffee cake for breakfast at the Mumbai airport, and a year later I am Starbucks enjoying dessert coffee and cake while I write this blog …..


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