Modern -Ethnic – A little different Chaayos!

One rainy weekend while browsing to order food online came across a restaurant by the name Chaayos. Sounded familiarly unfamiliar, demanding a closer look.  Huh, they served india tea -chai  – experiments with chai?!!  Coffee cafe used to be popular hangout places until the early to mid 2000’s.  Tea- Cafe culture, was new to me though came across one another such Tea- cafe in Surat , Gujarat .

Rain and chai…God seemed to have fulfilled my inner wish even before I could ask . Chaayos seemed a perfect choice and it indeed was, ordered Desi chai with Muska Bun (Burger bread with umpteen portions of butter). Chaayos became one my “favorite”- most online ordered restaurants. Lot of chai variations to try from , most popular one being Kulhad chai with  snacks – Nashta – generally hard to find in restaurants. Worth the buck for Q&Q , a.k.a -quantity and quality.  Along with Chai they have seasonal special drinks, thick shakes , filter coffee, cold thirst quenchers.

I became such a regular customer of Chaayos , that I decided to visit the restaurant and went to Chaayos in Powai, Mumbai. It wasn’t exactly as I had imagined, unless you go on odd hours of the day , too busy and loud to be categorized as a hangout place.

I would say Chaayos is an attempt to give modern touch to  ethnicity both in the decor and food –

Definitely a big contender for at least one order! I would  recommend trying out Kulhad Chai and Pav Bhaji.

Ek shaam Chaayos ke Naam – An evening in Chaayos




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