Ms. Tomato

While the year  2016 has ended , I was reminded of an exercise I was assigned while serving at a  restaurant in the US, share  one thing that happened in last week which made you happy? While 2016 was ending lot many things happened in my life , in fact the year was full of changes , adjustments, shifts . If I were to pick one incident what would it be, and there was no doubt in my mind for the entire year of 2016, it was when I met Ms. Tomato – I do not know her real name but she was so adorable , so lovable and so red … just like a tomato..

Few days back I was out shoe shopping on a lazy sunday afternoon when this tiny little girl walks up to me with  a pair of shoes in her hand and lifts them up high and says ” these are nice” , oh how I wish I could enact it while i write this. She was with her her mom and grandma who were watching her from a distance and extremely puzzled. I waited for a moment , thought she might pull away , she must have been looking for her mom but she stood there with shoes still held high , looking at me and all I could say was “yeah they are”. She took down the shoes , sat on the floor and started to put them on…. In the mean time her mom walked up to her and I moved away neither did I turn around nor did she call out, she became busy trying her shoes… Well, that was Ms. Tomato – the highlight of 2016 and one incident that I might choose as the moment when I have felt happiest in 2016!!!!!!!!!!!


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