In Aamchi Mumbai as a mumbaikar would say!


Can you fall in love twice? I moved from Washington D.C.  after having lived there for 11 years and like every other Indian, work brought me to Mumbai . Summer -hot and humid Mumbai and not able to find a place to stay was how I welcomed myself !

Kandivali, Bandra , Andheri, Goregoan, Malad , Santa Cruz , Kurla , Powai  ,  Vikroli ,Ville Parle , you name it – the places I have searched for a decent living! Having found a place to stay – was a relief with Mumbai rains right around the corner. I thought what they show in bollywood was true – you come to Mumbai feel the heat of summer – see the mumbai rains and fall in love with the city and before you know you have spent the rest of your life in Mumbai! On the contrary I ended up visiting doctors getting treated for cold and cough!

When I was in my early 20’s I fell entrapped by the liveliness  of New York but after about 8 years or so fell in love with calmness and serenity of D.C. Despite the weather, falling sick and not so happy work place I still haven’t given up on Mumbaikar’s “aamchi mumbai” I wonder as to what that is am I falling in love again  ??!



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