Shirdi – SaiBaba

I am not a big believer in following rituals of worship for the most part because they are inculcated in one either out of fear of punishment or the necessity to do so. I have been to various religious place like Hindu Temples, Jain Mandirs, Gurudwaras,Dargah , Church . The most peaceful place that I found so far was church, it takes very little effort on your side to search for inner peace because the place itself is so quiet. I had heard a lot about the Shirdi -Saibaba temple located in the Shirdi village in the Ahmednagar district of Maharashtra. I took a cab to Shirdi from Bombay which is about 4 -41/2 hours drive. It took about 3 hours waiting in the queue to darshan or reach the place where Shri Saibaba idol is placed, meaning it was crowded. You spend about half a minute to a minute’s time for the darshan, strangely enough, though the ratio of wait time to darshan time is unimaginable, I was able to connect to myself within that one minute. I do not know whether its the  doing of miracle stories that I have watched on television, or vibration of the land around that gives you the feeling of tranquility. I would recommend visiting once with lot many places for boarding and lodging, small shops around to shop and cab for ~Rs5000 if shared from Mumbai is not a bad deal and Ofcourse the temple management staff has put in ample efforts to keep things organized and made refreshments available while waiting in the queue.



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