Gujarati Thali

gujarati thali

I have lived in the D.C. Metro area for about 10 years. There are many indian restaurants in the area that cater decent food. All these years I have searched ardently for  a Gujarati Thali  in the area without success until very recently. Opened in September 2015, located in Ashburn, Virginia about 30 miles from Rockville ( 495/VA267)or Washington D.C( George Washington Memorial Parkway/VA267). – Rupa Vira’s Signature restaurant serves gujarati thali on weekends.

Gujarati thali is little different than regular thalis that you would find in any Indian restaurant- it brings staple food from my home state – usually has two curries, lentils, sweet, farsan ( snack – which is usually steamed or fried), indian pickle, papad, buttermilk drink (Chas).

Menu for Signature’s gujarati thali included

Tindola nu shaak (ivy gourd curry)

Undhiyu ( medley of vegetable- typical in the winter season in India)

Vaal ( Lentil)

Kadhi( made of yogurt and chickpea flour)

Rice , Puri, Papad,Chaas

Sweets- Rasmalai, Ghughra (

Farsan – khaman(made from chickpea flour), patra (battered and steamed colocasia leaves), lilva kachori (coconut and pigeon peas)

Indian salad (kachumber) and indian pickle

I would definitely recommend going to Rupa Vira’s Signature restaurant- absolutely worth the drive!



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