Volunteering @ Karma Kitchen


In summer of 2014 I volunteered at Karma Kitchen.  I was looking for volunteering opportunities in D.C. area and stumbled upon a facebook post about Karma Kitchen. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YlVMYkL2ZBA) .

Upon reading more I realized that it was started with the intention of practicing unconditional generosity . Karma kitchen is one of the generosity projects undertaken by ServiceSpace and is about transition to trust. It was started in Berkley in 2007. In Karma Kitchen there are  NO price listed on the menu card. Your meal is a “GIFT ” by someone , an act of kindness. You can be a part of the chain and gift a meal to someone else if you like.

I was surprised to see that though it is a volunteer run organization dependent on  generosity of people, contrary to a restaurant business model, it was a great success! Volunteering at karma kitchen D.C. presented me with an opportunity to be part of something so unique and learn nuances of happenings in a restaurant kitchen before the meal is served to the guest and after the guest leaves!


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